Skinny Jump

Thanks to our Partnership with Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa, Manawatū District Libraries is able to offer Skinny Jump.

Who can get Skinny Jump?

Skinny Jump specifically supports those most at risk of digital exclusion, as identified in the government's digital inclusion blueprint. If one or more of the following sounds like you, then you would probably be eligible:

  • Families with children
  • Job seekers
  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities
  • Refugees and migrant communities
  • Those in social housing

There may be other circumstances that make you eligible. The best way to find out whether your household is eligible for Skinny Jump is to talk to Library staff.

What do I get?

With Skinny Jump you can use up to 225GB per month. Online gaming and streaming videos can burn through data and Skinny Jump wasn’t created for these kinds of activities. If you think you'll need more than 225GB a month, Skinny Jump may not be right for you.

You will be issued with:

  • A free Wi-Fi modem.
  • An initial 35GB of data.

There is no fixed contract. Top-ups are $5 for 35GB for 30 days. You can top up 6 times in a 30-day period.

Will Skinny Jump work at my place?

Suitable 4GB coverage is required as confirmed by the Skinny Wireless Broadband address checker:

Check that you are eligible for Skinny Jump

How do I get Skinny Jump?

  • Come in and ask a staff member at Manawatū District Libraries to get set up.
  • Bring your email address and password with you. If you do not have an email address, library staff can help you create a Google account or equivalent.
  • Once completed you’ll walk out with a ready-to-go wireless modem that is preloaded with your free first 35GB of data. At home, you just plug into power and use it with a tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone. Inside your modem box is a booklet with all of the instructions.

The Skinny Jump app

Through the Skinny Jump app you can sign up and connect to Skinny Jump, top up your account, purchase data and check how much data you have remaining. It’s a one-stop Jump shop!

To download the app you'll need a smartphone. Read more about the app here: Skinny Jump app