Photocopying, Printing and Scanning


Photocopying is available in black-and-white and colour. Please see a library staff member for help with copying. Photocopying charges vary please see information on Fees and Charges for more details.


We have printers available either log on to a computer with your library card number and PIN or a guest pass, you can also print from your own device.

Printing charges need to be paid before printing is released. Please go to the front desk with your library card or guest pass and staff can release your printing. Please see information on Fees and Charges for details on costs.

The library offers large A3 printing on request, please talk to staff to access this service.

Bring Your Own Device Printing (BYOD Printing) 

You can send a print job from anywhere (including your personal device in the library, or your computer at home).

  1. Create a new email message. Leave the Subject field blank.
  2. Either:
    Attach a file (e.g., PDF, Word, JPG, Photo) to the email. Only the attachments will print, any content in the body of the email will be ignored. You can send multiple attachments in the same email.

Or print the email contents.
If there is no file attachment, the system will assume you wish to have the body content of the email printed instead.

  1. Send the email to
  2. After a few minutes, you will receive a reply confirming that your print job has been received. This reply will also contain a unique Job ID number. This Job ID number is valid for 24 hours then it is permanently deleted.
  3. Come to the library front desk within 24 hours with the Job ID number from your email. Staff will check the details of your print and release it for you after payment. Please see information on Fees and Charges for more details.


Scanning to email or USB is available and free of charge, please ask library staff for assistance.