Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. Borrowing of Items
    1. Members can borrow items free of charge, with the exception of DVD’s and some specialty items which incur a borrowing fee.
    2. Members must return items borrowed in good condition. The condition of items is as per staff judgement (reasonable wear and tear is acceptable). Any items not returned in good condition will be considered ‘damaged’ and members will be charged a replacement fee (charged at original purchase price).
    3. Members can renew items, up to a maximum of twice per loan period (unless someone has a hold placed on the item). If members need further renewals, contact must be made with the staff at the Feilding Library.
    4. For adult members, items not returned on time incur charges of $1 per item, per week (billed at the beginning of each week) up to a maximum of 5 weeks and will be added to the member’s profile. Junior and Youth members do not incur overdue charges.
    5. All members will be charged a replacement fee if items are not returned after 5 weeks (charged at original purchase price). This charge will be added to the member’s profile.
  2. Responsibility of the User
    1. Members will notify Manawatu District Libraries of any change of address, phone number and/or email address.
    2. A member’s privilege refers to the active state of their membership. Every two years a member’s privilege will expire prompting staff at the library to confirm a member’s identification, contact details, and for members to review changes to the Library’s Terms and Conditions.
    3. Members will notify Manawatu District Libraries immediately if they move out of the Manawatu District Council catchment region.
    4. Members will notify Manawatu District Libraries immediately if their membership card is lost or stolen.
    5. After-hours access is granted to members who have registered for programmes and events at the Feilding Library by scanning their membership card at the front entrance doors.
  3. Subscriptions
    1. Members can purchase a subscription to maximise their library usage. A paid subscription overrides DVD borrowing fees / charges.
    2. The privilege for a member with a subscription will expire once the subscription term expires. Members can then re-new their subscription, or choose to become a general member (as per section 1)
  4. Fees and Charges
    1. All fees and charges are set by Manawatu District Council on an annual basis and are non-negotiable.
    2. Members owing any fees and charges must pay these to continue borrowing items.
    3. Adult Members are responsible for Junior Members in their household, including any fees and charges on their profiles that have accumulated.
    4. A member’s profile showing any outstanding fees and charges will become BLOCKED in the system until paid in full. Use of the self-service kiosks and the ability to renew items render inactive under this status.
    5. BLOCKED members must contribute funds towards the fees and charges on their profile, to continue to borrow items.
    6. BLOCKED member profiles with fees and charges that remain unpaid after a period of 3 months will receive an invoice for outstanding amounts. In accordance with generally accepted terms of trade and Manawatu District Council’s Accounts Receivable Terms and Conditions (available to view at ), invoices that are then unpaid may incur additional charges or be referred on to a debt collection agency for recovery.
    7. A member’s failure to pay to comply with Manawatu District Council’s Terms and Conditions will result in termination of membership.
  5. Behaviour / Health and Safety
    1. Manawatu District Libraries staff reserve the right to ask any user or member to leave the premises at the Feilding Library if they are deemed to be exhibiting inappropriate / unsafe / unlawful behaviour. This could include, but is not limited to language, spitting, bullying, damage, failure to follow staff instructions, etc.
    2. Manawatu District Council have a zero tolerance towards inappropriate behaviour at their facilities or towards their staff. Any repeated breaches and/or serious behaviour breaches at the Feilding Library may result in termination of membership or Manawatu District Libraries pursuing trespass action.
    3. Cameras (Closed Circuit) are operating at Feilding Library and recorded footage may be surrendered to third parties, including NZ Police as evidence of behaviour breaches.
    4. Smoking is not permitted inside or in the immediate vicinity of the Feilding Library. ‘Smoking’ includes (but is not limited to) cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc. Smokefree signage is visible in these areas.
  6. Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) Chromebooks
    1. Members are granted access to the APNK Chromebooks (a laptop that runs Google's Chrome OS operating system) at the Feilding Library. These Chromebooks are protected against theft and WILL NOT work outside the APNK network at the Feilding Library.
    2. As per Council’s Digital Technology and Internet: Public Access Policy, Manawatu District Libraries will seek compensation from the user for any costs associated from damage or attempted theft. The police will be notified of all theft attempts, Manawatu District Libraries will pursue trespass action and termination of membership.


  • Item – refers to anything that is able to be borrowed from Manawatu District Libraries, for example books, DVDs, puzzles, etc.
  • Member – refers to any person who has accepted the Terms and Conditions for Manawatu District Libraries and is issued with a Community Facilities Membership Card.
  • Catchment Area – refers to any residence within the ‘Feilding differential rating area’ and ‘Feilding Central Business District rating area’ as per Manawatu District Council Rating System 2018 document available on Council’s website
  • Termination of Membership – Termination of membership is at the discretion of Council staff and is non-negotiable.

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