Summer Reading 2017

Please note that registrations for both Summer Reading Programmes are now full.
The Summer Reading Programme is about encouraging and growing the love of reading in young people aged 4-10. Participants attend 4 checkins where they meet with a librarian in a brief one on one and have a chance to share what they have been reading, read a little to an attentive listener and get advice on finding their next book if they want some help. At each checkin they receive a small incentive and on completion of the programme the young people receive a certificate and a free book and a medal. The programme is run in a relaxed friendly manner and the focus is on reading achievement and participation not reading level so it doesn't matter what level reader your child is at they can still participate.


The iRead programme is for young people aged 11 - 13 years. They write short book reviews and for every 3 completed are able to choose a free book as a reward up to a total of 4 over the summer.

For questions about the programme please email Vicki Wills or contact the library

We are extremely grateful to the Eastern and Central Community Trust for funding this programme.