Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers is a reward based reading programme funded by Eastern and Central Community Trust and delivered by our library team and teachers at our local schools.

 The programme runs through schools over six weeks during the winter months and serves around 1500 children throughout the Manawatu District.

Children at participating schools receive a booklet containing ten review forms. Once five reviews have been completed the child is rewarded with an incentive. Those who want to continue to complete all ten reviews and are rewarded with a second incentive.

And, the best part is every child that completes all ten reviews, receives their very own book to keep.

A big bonus to the Winter Warmers programme is the entertainers. Two entertainers come as part of the programme to the library for a FREE performance during the July School Holidays (the entertainers change each year).

If you are a teacher in the Manawatu District and would like your class to participate please send us an email: