Reading Challenge - Adults

Reading Challenge Adults

We're setting you a Reading Challenge for 2020!

Are you a:

  • 7/10 reader and will complete 7 books in the 10 months.
  • 26/10 reader and will complete 26 books in the 10 months.
  • 70/10 reader and will complete 70 books in the 10 months?

The idea is to read books from the Library from 1 February - 30 November 2020, in either physical copy of electronically until you've achieved your pledge level. Once you have completed reading a book, capture it in your Log Book. 


At the end of each term drop into the Library and show us how you're going with your progress in completing the required number of books to reach each level. If you meet the requirement for the term you'll receive a free coffee voucher (details in your log book).

 Progress check-in dates are:

  • 14-24 April
  • 6-18 July
  • 28 September - 10 October


Ensure that you have completed one of the pledge levels by Monday 7 December and have shown us your completed Log Book to go into the final prize draw.

Final prize will be drawn on Wednesday 9 December and winners will be notified.

  • 7/10 prize value is $50
  • 26/10 prize value is $75
  • 70/10 prize value is $100


Click here to register for the 2020 Reading Challenge

Log books can be collected from the Feilding Library from 21 January 2020 after registration.