homelinkOur Homelink service is a home delivery service for those who cannot physically visit the library. This could be due to disability, age, illness or circumstance (please discuss).

Books, DVD's, audiobooks, magazines and puzzles are available for borrowing.

We will discuss with you your likes and dislikes and select suitable items which volunteers will deliver to you on a regular basis. Typically this is on a fortnightly rotation for those in urban Feilding. If you live outside of the Feilding Town, we can discuss a rural drop-off that fits within our Community Library deliveries, or if there are volunteers who are happy to deliver rurally.

Your account will be managed by us at the library, but any lost or damaged items will be your responsibility and will be charged accordingly.

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Once we receive your registration form, we will give you a call in the next 3 working days to discuss.

Click here to register your interest in becoming a Volunteer for the Homelink service