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Youth Programmes


We offer a variety of FREE programmes for teens that will support the skills they will need to fully participate in the future economy and community.

Join us for book chats, teen movies, study and other special teen events.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Join us at the library for epic adventures in the world of Dungeons and Dragons! Slay the dragon and save the day!

Modern Music Making Workshops

Shout out to all budding musicians, singers, song writers and DJ's out there!!!!Modern Music Making Workshops facitated by Joh Bowen from Manawatu People's Radio (MPR) Monday 1 October to Thursday 4 October.

ROWDEE Club for Teens

A club for teens to Read Or Watch Disucss Enjoy Eat (Pizza) = ROWDEE

Study Zone

Need a space to study? Come and use the Library and its resources on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Teen Movie Night

Monthly movie night for Teens.

Warhammer Club during the holidays

Ever wanted to bring the Warhammer characters to life? Ever wanted to learn how to play the game? Then enrol here to paricipated in five workshops we are running during the second week of the October School holidays.