Learning & Enrichment


We run a range of programmes that facilitate lifelong learning and enable discovery through informal and formal learning,

Some programmes require registration, others operate as a drop-in service. See below for details of current programmes.

If you, your orgnaisation or group  would like to explore ways of working with us to  help you deliver informal and formal lifelong learning opportunitiesto our community contact our Programmes and Partnership Lead Vicki directly on: 323 5373 or come in and see us.


Doing Business in 'The Cloud'

Small business owners and personal technology useres let us show you how easy it is to get on and use 'The Cloud' to create, store and share your documents and photos.

Drop In Meditation Classes

A series of 4 drop in Meditation classes - Creating Inner Space. Meditations for busy people.Facilitaed by: Gen Kelsang Demo.

Goal Setting Workshop with Johnelle Hosking (Self Empowerment Coach)

A new year is a new opportunity to decide what you want in life, what you want to do, be or see in the year ahead. In the past you either:- Didn't make goals, to feel better when you didn't achieve them.- Say the same things year after year but you never make them reality.In 2019 we're changing that!A series of workshops held every three months throughout the year so you can set, revisit and refresh your goals with Johnelle Hosking (Self Empowerment Coach).

Introduction to Smart Devices

Have you got an iPad, Smartphone, Tablet or are you thinking about getting one? Want to become more confident using your smart device and technology in general, then come along to these FREE drop in sessions every Tuesday morning during the school term.

New Year New You

Annual event to celebrate, inspire and empower the districts women to achieve the goals that they set themselves for the coming year.

Own Your Life 'Meet Up' Series with Johnelle Hosking

Own Your Life Series, hosted by Johnelle Hosking is a series of hour long 'meet ups' for women who do everything for those around them and leave little or no time to take care of themselves.Each 'meet up' has a different theme to help you take back your life, be healthy, happy and stress free.

Vision Board Workshop

Come and make a vision board with Johnelle Hosking (Self Empowerment Coach).Get inspired and motivated to turn your hopes and dreams for 2019 into reality.This simple tool will help you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal or goals that you have set yourself. It is a collage of images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.