Goal Setting Workshop with Johnelle Hosking (Self Empowerment Coach)




Goal setting gives you:

- Direction and clarity

- Ability to focus on what's important to you

- Control over your future

- Motivation to carry on when things get though or busy

February's workshop is the first of a total of four that will be held throughout the year.

It is an opportunity for you to start 2019 with a plan of where your heading and create something to be proud of.

During the workshop Johnelle will guide you to:

- Look at all areas of your life

- Decide what areas you want to work on

- Create achievable goals

- Break goals into simple action steps

Register here http://eepurl.com/gdK8vj to Smash your goals in 2019. Also at the same time, tick the box to attend May's Vision Board Workshop where you can make a visual representation of the goals you have set. Take it home with you and wait for the magic to happen.

Date: Wednesday 6th August

7pm to 8pm