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Leasley Stead

Lesley Stead

Lesley Stead

Lesley Stead's working career began as an engineering draughtswoman. Next, I lived in Queensland Australia at a time when women were not allowed to be draughtswomed, so I turned my hand to peeling pineapples, ticket writing, and secretarial work. Later, back in NZ, I gained my B.Ed at Massey University and became a teacher. Amongst all of this, I had 4 children. As an adult (though not so much as a child) I thank my mother for walking her 5 children miles upon miles to the Whanganui District Library from an early age, and then walking us home again. For the return journey, she would purchase each of us a small bag of conversation lollies to make conversation on our walk home. By the time we reached our destination, I recall all conversations had been devoured. As well, our young legs were ready to be still for a while and read the aforementioned library books. I realise now this is when my love of literature began, as did my desire to own a bookshop, although it was many years later before this dream became a reality.


Discussion Panel: Independent Booksellers Unite

Sunday 13 September, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Three local independent booksellers get together for a chat to share with you how they survive the turbulent world of selling books.

Bruce McKenzie - Bruce Mckenzie Booksellers

Kelsey Smith - Hunterville Bookshop

Lesley Stead - Paige's Book Gallery