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Fees and Charges

DVDs Charged:
DVDs Free:

$3 for - 1 week
Free - 3 weeks

Internet Use: 
(free unlimited Wi-Fi is available 24/7)

free - 30 minutes

Hold / Reserve Charge: 

$1 per item

Photocopying & Printing Charge: 
Black & White printing / photocopying

$0.10c per A4 page

Black & White photocopying

$0.20c per A3 page

Colour photocopying $1.50 per A4 page
Colour photocopying 

$3.00 per A3 page

Laminating A4  $1.50 per A4 page
Laminating A3 $3.00 per A3 page

Lost Book: 

Actual Cost + GST

Inter-Library Loan: 

$10 or $25 per item
(depends on sending library)

Overdue Fines: 
 - Note: first $1 fee applies within
   a day of due date

$1 per item per week

Individual Issues to Non-Residents: 
(in addition to any existing charges)

$1.50 per item

Annual Subscription for Non-Residents: 

$90 per family