by Turia Pit

Turia and her team makes were caught in a bush fire while completing an 100km ultra marathon in the Australian desert in 2011 .Her burns were so horrific  she was never expected to live . This is not a story that provides only chronological events but it delves into the people who surrounded her in love – her family , partner and Doctors . It is an intimate story of her recovery.


Turia has gone on the live life to its fullest – competing in an Iron man, walking the great wall of China and giving back to a number of charities that support burns patients . She doesn’t consider herself unlucky nor is she angry about what has happened to her – a lesson for us all.


I found this to be a well written personal account of an inspirational young woman who as the saying  goes, defied all the odds.

Turia's story can be found in the Biographies section under Pit.

Kirsty - May 2017