Person of Interest


DVD Season One

Wow, I had heard good things about this TV show and finally took the time to watch it. I love it. It has government conspiracies, action, drama, technology and human interest. The basic premise is a highly intelligent billionaire has invented a machine for the government to spy on everyone to prevent major terrorist acts. In doing this is also notices people who are about to commit or become the victim of a violent crime, which the government is not interested in. The inventor hacked the system so he gets the social security number of a person or people every day and has to work with a former CIA hitman he recruited to find and stop or save these people. While also dodging the authorities and inevitable government agents. Great fun and highly bingeable - I recommend you don't start unless you have some free time to watch it all. Part one of a series, the library currently only holds the first season.

Found in the paid DVD collection this DVD is $3 for 3 weeks.

Warrick August 2017