by Alexandra Bracken

Violin prodigy Etta Spencer is suddenly pulled back in time, to hundreds of years ago in 1776 as part of a dangerous and risky scheme by the time-manipulating dynasty, the Ironwoods. Struggling to survive with her life unravelling around her, she and fellow time traveller Nicholas Carter must, against all odds, find a way to defeat the Ironwoods and return home. But as they delve further into the threads of time, will there be a home to return to?

A combination of historical fiction, adventure, romance, and time travel combining to create a truly wonderful book, with a heart-racing plot and vividly imagined characters. Alexandra Bracken has created a suspenseful and thrilling world, where the secrets of time are controlled by the elite, and only the boldest can dare to defy them.

You can find it and the sequel here in the Young Adult section. 

Review by Kezia, June 2018