Fury of Aces Series


by Steve Wheeler

Fury of Aces is a 3 book series by a Kiwi author and some really great Science Fiction. Burnt Ice, Crystal Venom and Onyx Javelin are the current 3 books in the series, I'm hoping there may be more to come. Set in the far future when the 'Sphere of Humanity' occupies a roughly 50 light year sphere of the galaxy. Steve mixes hard SF, bio sciences, artificial life forms, AI, alternative human origin stories, alien races and dark conspiracies of corporations and governments. This fun series focuses on the adventures of a small crew of skilled troubleshooters who work (mostly) for the Administration to solve mysteries and get into trouble and generally out of it again. Great characters, complex stories and an all round good time. Its great to see original science fiction writing from a home grown author! Recommended. The library holds all 3 books in the series.

Found in the Fiction Collection with a Science Fiction label.

Warrick September 2017