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After School Clubs


We have six After School Clubs that support the skills our children will need to fully participate in the future economy.

We play an important role in exposing new opportunties for active hands-on learning at the same time promoting early literacy and the love of reading.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in science, techonology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) activities.

Advanced Coding Club 2019

CODING for the more Advanced Coder.Know a bit about coding but would like to advance your coding skills?Join our advanced coder Club after school on Wednesdays during the school term throughout the year.

Colouring Station

A variety of pictures and blank paper available for you to colour in on Saturdays.

Kids Art Club Term 4 2019

Join our ART club after school on Tuesdays where we will have art themed projects for you to work on to take home with you.

Makers Club Term 4 2019

Love tinkering and making stuff out of recycled material? Get inspired and creative every Thursday after school, during the school term at our Makers Club. Drop in and use our Makerspace to make stuff. Start your own Maker Project or one of ours.

Seriously Board for Kids

If you like playing board games, card games and strategic thinking games then join us for an hour of fun afterschool each Friday during the term.

STEAM Club Term 4 2019

Get on our S.T.E.A.M train after school on Mondays during the school term. Have fun problem-solving, getting creative, using your analytical and critical-thinking skills to solove the challenges we set for you.

Tech Club Term 4 2019

Love Technology, gadgets and Robotics? Then this is the club for you. Join us each Friday afterschool where we will be showingcasing a different piece of Technology here at the Library such as 'Sphero's, Solar Robots, OSMO's and Raspberry PI's just to name a few.