Register for EdAlive Central

To get started, you will need to create an 'EdAlive Central' parent account.

Step 1. On the Manawatu District Libraries EdAlive Central homescreen, click Register in the top right corner.



Step 2. Then click on 'I want to create a parent/guardian account' and then enter your personal details below. Then click Next


enter details


Step 3. Click on Family Management to set up your children.


family management


Step 4. Enter your child's name in 'Create a new child account' and then click Create.


child accounts


Your child accounts will then be listed with their usernames and passwords. You can repeat step 4 for all your children.


all child accounts


Step 5. Go back to the Manawatu District Libraries EdAlive Central homepage and you will see the tiles for the learning games. Each game you click on will ask you to claim an activation code for your children. This should auto-populate with the code. If you have more than one child set up, it will ask you to select which child you are claiming the subscription for first. You can repeat this step for all children and for all games.


activation code

Note: You will need to keep going back to the Manawatu District Libraries EdAlive Central homepage to activate each game as it needs to know you're from our library. Otherwise, when you try and activate the games from your family management section it may ask you to pay for a subscription (you don't need to do this, just go back to the homepage).


You can now get your children to log in using their generated usernames and passwords and play the education games. You can also play the games too - the typing one is particularly good :)

Click here to access Manawatu District Libraries EdAlive Central Homepage