'Read and Play' Kits


Read and Play

Encourage your child to retell and recreate their favourite scenes from books using props with our 'Read and Play' kits.  

Each kit has a book and props (toys) relevant to the story to help you develop their language and memory. Develop your child's creativity by encouraging them to create their own story lines and plots too!

You can borrow each kit for three weeks. To make life easy when it comes to return your kit, each one comes in a handy book bag with tag outlining everything that's inside.

Such a fun and playful way to explore language!


Here are some of the Kits we have put together so far:



The Tiger who Came to Tea Tea Set
How Maui Fished up the North Island  Fishing Set 
Zoo Day  Animal puzzles
Dear Zoo  Animal lace up set 
Steam Train Dream Train  Wooden Train Set 
Call for the Ambulance  Doctor's Kit 
At a Construction Site  Crane Construction Set 
Cook and Play  Wooden Food 
My Awesome Dinosaur Book  Dinosaurs with scenery 
Fancy Nancy  Dress Ups