Level 2 Information

Yes we will be open in Level 2, but...

We are so happy to be opening in Level 2! We've really missed our wonderful customers.

To ensure your safety and ours, we are taking a staged approach to opening:

  • On Thursday 14 May, the return slots will be re-opened. You can finally return all the items you've been graciously holding onto since lockdown started. Give the team a wave if you see them in the building as we'll be on site preparing for opening.
  • On Monday 18 May at 9am we open to the public, but your experience will be quite different to what you were used to.

Opening Hours

In Level 2, the opening hours for the library are:

Monday, Tuesday:   9am - 6pm
Wednesday:   10am - 6pm
Thursday, Friday:   9am - 6pm
Saturday, Sunday
and Public Holidays:

During Level 2, there will be no out of hours bookings, meetings, night classes, group sessions, etc.

The Justice of the Peace service will also not be running out of the Library.

You will not be able to just 'hang out' at the library in Level 2. We ask you to choose your items, attend your programme, or use the computer (no games) and then head home.

Sir Clive Brian the Bear has very kindly demonstrated some of the rules for using the library under Level 2 below:

IMG_1111   IMG_1062.jpg
We are limited to a maximum of 40 people inside the library at any one time. So please bear with us if you arrive and we're already at our maximum. The wi-fi will be available from 8am - 8pm daily. EVERYONE must sign in and out of the library each time they visit. We have re-arranged the entrance a bit to ensure you can do this safely.
IMG_1078.jpg IMG_1094.jpg
We have a very limited number of children's programmes running, and these won't start until the week of 25 May.
Check out the programmes section further down for details.
EVERYONE must adhere to distancing rules. You'll see a few 'X' marks around the building. Please use them to keep your distance from others, and leave the chairs on their 'X' spot.
IMG_1070.jpg IMG_1083.jpg
Please sanitise your hands as you enter the library and before using any kiosks or the computers.
Be sure to wash or sanitise your hands regularly.
Please use contactless methods of payment where possible. Paywave is now available at the main counter, and you can pay by EFTPOS or credit card at the kiosk with the glass shelf.
IMG_1075.jpg IMG_1089.jpg
Use the kiosks or cloudLibrary mobile to checkout your items where possible. There are 3 stations set up to make mobile checkout a breeze. ALL returns need to go through the after-hours slots. This is to make sure we can follow the proper quarantine procedure to get the items back on the shelf.
IMG_1092.jpg IMG_1102.jpg
Computer use is restricted to 30 minutes per day. Please ensure you follow the hygiene procedure for using computers while at the library. Printing/photocopying is restricted to essential things only - for example travel tickets, IRD or visa documents, etc. Please take your items home to read. Anything you spend time reading at the library has to go through quarantine like your returns. A quick read of the synopsis on the back of a book is ok, but take your books home if you're planning on getting stuck into a chapter or two. There are no newspapers in Level 2
BadBear.jpg SickBear.jpg
Please don't be like bad bear. Listen to staff at all times. Stay Home if you are sick.


We are running only a small selection of programmes under Level 2 and they will ALL be restricted to 60 minutes. Programmes start back the week beginning Monday 25 May.

kids progs

Bookings are essential - sessions limited to 8 children aged 7yrs+

Register here for Monday 25 May - STEAM 

Register here for Tuesday 26 May - ART

Register here for Thursday 28 May - MAKERS

Register here for Tuesday 2 June - ART

Register here for Thursday 4 June - MAKERS

We are continuing to investigate live streaming these sessions for you to join in at home

The details:

  • Register above using the relevant date form or by contacting the library on 323-5373.
  • Due to the limited numbers, please wait for confirmation from the library that you have a space in the programme before coming down to avoid disappointment.
  • Seating will be allowed a maximum of 15 minutes prior to the programme starting.
  • All participants will be asked to leave the programme area at the finish time of each programme so our team can start the cleaning process.
  • You are allowed to look for items to checkout and take home following your programme, before you leave the library.