Level 1 Information

Yes we will be open in Level 1, but...

We are so happy Level 1 is here!

Opening Hours

In Level 1, the opening hours for the library are:

Monday, Tuesday:   9am - 6pm
Wednesday:   10am - 6pm
Thursday, Friday:   9am - 6pm
 Saturday   9am - 4pm

Sunday and
Public Holidays:




To ensure your safety and ours, we are taking a staged approach to bringing all the programmes back (see below)

Under 5s Programmes

Bright Sparks - Wednesday 17th June
Sensory Play - Friday 19th June
Open The Toy Box - Monday 20th July

After School Programmes

S.T.E.A.M. - Monday 15th June
ART Club - Tuesday 16th June
Makers Club - Thursday 18th June

Seriously Board - Friday 19th June

Adult Programmes

Multicultural Morning Tea - Tuesday 21st July

Feilding Branch of NZ Genealogists - Wednesday 22nd July
Manawatu Crafty Knitters - Wednesday 22nd July

Between the Lines Colouring In Group - Thursday 23rd July

Senior Games - Thursday 23rd July
Knitter Knatter - Friday 24th July

Evening Programmes

Between the Covers Book Club - Wednesday 24th June (5 pm)

Youth Dungeons and Dragons - Monday 27th July

Feilding Night Writers - Wednesday 12th August

Community Services

Justice of the Peace - Friday 12th June

Chat with the Mayor - Friday 26th June

Tea and Tales - Tuesday 21st July